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From The Farmer To Your Mama

A good source of 6 essential vitamins & minerals and incredibly tasty, too –Nude Nutty Premium Jumbo Cashew Nuts are the best. These delectable, crunchy, and nutritionally-dense cashew nuts are sourced from Tanzania. The inception of Nude Nutty dates back ten years ago, from a young dreamer’s taste of the Tanzania’s cashew nuts, after migrating to the USA. Since then, Nude Nuttyhas dedicatedly served the USA and Tanzania markets with handpicked nuts, providing them with a fantastic experience.

Today, Nude Nutty has made the platter versatile and encompassed range of other nuts that includes top-notch quality Almonds, Peanuts, Macadamia and Pecan. Since these nuts are renowned for culinary purpose, they act as a favorite ingredient for severaldelicacies. From savory butter spreads to cashew-based desserts, Nude NuttyNuts have extensive applications in global cuisines to satiate unique taste buds. Interestingly, Nude Nuttynuts can be a great dairy substitute and can be used in desserts. These delicious nutscan be coated with honey to boost the sweet taste, coated with chocolate for creamy rich flavor as well as they may be added to stir fries and salads.

Our nuts come in attractive packaging to trigger your cravings and can also be used as healthy gifting options. Further, we deliver them in customized quantities as per your requirements.

Nutritional Benefits Of NudeNutty Nuts

  • Our cashew nuts are off-white in color and have a slightly sweet, buttery taste. They are known to have heart healthy fats, excellent source of anti-oxidants and have no cholesterol.
  • Our almond nuts are both shelled and unshelled with lots of fiber, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium and proteins.
  • Our peanuts have a strong nutritional profile. They are low in carbohydrates with plenty of magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.
  • Our macadamia nuts are round shaped, have lighter color and creamy texture. They are nutrient rich containing healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals such as copper, thiamin and manganese.
  • We also provide pecans which are excellent sources of copper and manganese; minerals that contain anti-inflammatory properties, and potentially aids in reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • To sum it up, our Nude Nutty Nuts have significant health benefits especially for the vegan population. Additionally, the nutrients rooted in our nuts are crucial for stronger immunity and are ideal source of health benefits such as healthy heart, prevention of gall stones, enabling weight loss, supporting bone health, as well as maintaining healthy skin and hair.
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